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canada goose Ceremony. "But you know there is gonna be another earthquake one of these years and we have to be prepared for it."Part of that preparation is erecting a suitable memorial for the quake victims.The San canada goose outlet online Francisco History Association and Joseph Amster, who guides city historic tour while dressed as San Francisco Emperor Norton, said Lotta Fountain does not do justice to the memory of the quake victims who lost their lives."It just shocking to me that all those people died (and) all that devastation and we don canada goose outlet nyc have a designated memorial," Amster said.The history association says it wants to erect a fitting memorial for future generations to come."It going to be 6 feet wide, 4 feet tall (and) made of bronze," Amster said. "It gonna have a map of the fire zone, a description of what happened that day so that people can come to a better understanding of devastation and also photographs of the devastation.""If you don remember where you canada goose outlet uk came from, you canada goose outlet online uk can appreciate where you going and that a significant part of why we come out every April 18 at these canada goose outlet ungodly earthly goose outlet canada hours," Diana Martin Vyberg, a descendent of an earthquake survivor, said.Officials canada goose outlet uk sale say it would cost $22,000 to build the memorial that organizers envision and $6,000 of that has already been raised.. canada goose

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