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IF YOU ever seen one of Dr Sandra Lee notoriously disgusting clips, you know how strangely mesmerising they can be.Dr Lee, also known as Pimple Popper has gained a cult following in recent years thanks to her gruesome and insanely popular videos of pimples, cysts and boils being squeezed.The US dermatologist kicked off her unusual form of fame after posting a straightforward blackhead extraction on social media three years ago.Typo cost this man $100,000Easy way to score an extra $4200Residents fleeing Sydney in drovesPeople couldn seem to get enough, and she quickly realised there was a niche market for her footage.Today the 47 year old YouTube star has amassed millions of subscribers on her channel, which grows by thousands every single day and has already attracted 2.5 billion views so far.She also has more than four million social media followers, has made guest appearances on several TV programs and has launched her own skincare range, SLMD Skincare Products, for people with issues such as acne.She also collaborated with board game Designer Replica Handbags company Spin Master to create a game called Pimple Pete, which is similar to the classic Operation, and last month the Dr Pimple Popper TV series launched in the US.Dr Lee, who built up her following by offering free treatment in exchange for patients allowing her to film and share their procedures, told The Sun there was subculture of people on the internet who loved sharing popping videos with each other.She said viewers were first fascinated by the gory films, but were also intrigued by the patients transformation.think initially some people might watch it because it like a car accident you can look away, she told the publication.I think people stay because they then feel like, is really nice what has happened with this person. Very proud of these patients because it takes a lot of guts to show the world, especially when it been hidden. Also spoke about the challenges of treating extreme cases.not squeamish but a lot of these cysts in particular can have an odour that not very nice, she said.train myself not to be grossed out by it because I don want my patients to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.Splash splash this cyst was hittin my mask drpimplepoppersomeone was doing something on you and all of a sudden said, my god this stinks, it disgusting, you would feel really bad, so I really want to make sure my patients know that I am not judging them in any way.

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