Shoot the objective, then go as fast as possible to the end

Four, ease doing business. The government keeps saying it, but the fact is it is still hard to conduct business in India. Add to it policies and tax rates that seem to change every year. Now this is not to say women have it easy in Iran or everything is perfect, but it makes Saudi society look like the cavemen they are.And before all the Saudi defenders come, any of the statistics they throw at you are going to be highly inaccurate and skewed. For example, the Saudis are going to tell you they have the highest per capita female PHD holders in the world. What they wont tell you, is its because all the females from the wealthiest families go to school abroad, while the poor and middle class girls are essentially fucked.Near the top of the class in HS, smart, we used to hang out all the time, independent, offers from most of the top schools in the US (Berkley, Stanford, USC, CU Boulder, MIT, and on and on), aspirations for medical school and what not.Saw her a few years after high school and I barely recognized her.

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