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canada goose clearance "I don't want to be out there every week bothering people with my opinions," he said."This just seems like this issue has had insufficient attention in WA."Most West Australians canada goose outlet parka are unaware of how vulnerable we are to this sort of nascent fracking industry."In recent decades, 'fracking' injecting a water chemical mix into the ground to fracture coal seams, shale and tight rocks has made trapped methane a more commercially viable resource.The canada goose outlet in usa government believes onshore reserves of "unconventional gas" in WA are double those offshore.It has issued exploration permits over the aquifers supplying drinking water to canada goose outlet jackets Perth and canada goose factory outlet the South West, and over areas including Ningaloo, the Swan Valley, south and east Bunbury, Margaret River, Capel, Donnybrook and Boyup Brook.Protestors against gas field developments in Victoria prior to the fracking ban being imposed. Photo: Paul JeffersThough full exploitation is unlikely, this could equate in theory to 100,000 gas wells across WA, with 40,000 of those in the Kimberley.Fracking is banned totally in Victoria, and five year bans exist pending further research in Tasmania and, after the recent election, the Northern Territory.In Queensland, coal seam fracking is permitted, while exploration in WA is focused on shale and tight gas.There are risksWinton, canada goose outlet uk sale supporting the Frack Free Future Campaign, says the community cannot yet be sure canada goose outlet online the industry will stop from failing and causing disastrous pollution of both the surrounding environment and the aquifers that supply drinking water."There's not enough baseline data, in terms of hydrology, PH, geology and not least emissions," he said."We now have a clearer picture of canada goose outlet online uk the social experience of communities have been exposed to fracking. There are lots canada goose outlet uk of bitter and unhappy people in the States."All methane jokes aside, it's on the nose."It's not just people who live around it canada goose clearance.